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I am 47 and I have been interested in art for most of my life.It wasn't untill my seperation that I found the time to take it up as a hobby and devote time to it.I am self taught.I work in oils mainly,though I have used water colour too.
I had a simple but not impoverished childhood which is when I realy began to enjoy what nature has given us,and this is reflected in my work.
I have worked in a factory for most of my working life but an unrelated accident has left me progressivly disabled.All my creative energy is now directed into my art.
While many artists,good though they are,do things that make me wonder "what is it"? I prefer to paint as best I can what it is meant to look like.I have dabbled in surealism and one of my early pieces though not very good is a very sad picture which has an effect on most people that see it.They tend not to like it because of the content.
Like most struggling artists all I can do is my best and hope others like what I do.My main work can only be described as landscapes.I prefer to work from photo's where the "mood" is captured.

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