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When she was eleven years old her
favourite hobby was making drawings with a crown pen. When she was
thirteen years old she had her
first exhibition with other amateur artists,in the town hall at
IJzendijke in Holland.

Her drawings where made with an old fashioned crown pen. At primary
school her class was the last to use the crown pen. So making drawings
with this pen was
no problem for her.

When the years passed by the drawings turned into geometrical shapes and
became symmetric as well. First the drawings were full-figured with
circles, dots and little
figures. Later they had more open spaces which became part of the

Because she loved to draw geometrical figures she decided to become an
architectural designer. Her own work improved
also, because the techniques that were used in this course were often
the same as she used in here own drawings

The visitors of the art exhibitions sometimes didn't believe her work
was hand made. They were convinced her work was computer generated.
The fact this would become reality she could never have guessed.

She exposed her work in several places, solo and group-exhibitions. She
also sold her work outside the borders of Holland. At here job the
drawing-tables were
replaced by computers and handwork disappeared entirely. She kept on
making her own drawings by hand.

In 1998 she got RSI. It became impossible to work as a designer or to
make her own drawings.
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