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Born December 16, 1954.Place of birth, Catskill, New York. Graduated from Catskill Senior High school class of 73. Upon graduation entered the USMC. Fortunatly I didn't end up in Vietnam. Did most of my enlistment and honorably discharged. Wanted to concentrate art and other studies. That didn't work out. Too busy with addictions and decided to get job and wife instead. Still, the artist mind set stayed with me thoughout those years, roughly twelve years. Ocassionally, I would still create a work or two and give them away as gifts. It wasn't until my marriage failed and I got myself in much trouble due to my addictions that I finally had to take a look at myself and what I was doing with my life. While I was in a process of changing that I found within myself the fact that my heart would only be happy if I could be the artist I had always wanted to be. Another person and local artist inspired me and I decided to go for broke. Being a struggling artist has not been easy. I would basically descripe myself as a self taught artist. For some reason while attending high school my guidance counsiler assigned me to many art glasses. I don't recall doing very much at all during all those hours in class. Anyhow, once I decided I wanted to work this art thing within myself, I met my art teacher for the first time for many years. When I told him what I was up to his response was, "I knew you would come around someday!" Now I'm around and I hope you can all put up with me (ha ha). To start with I did many a pencil drawings. The majority of those drawn are on my web sites. My second public showing was at our local community college. There I hung eighty 9"x12" drawings on one crapeted wall. This overwhelmed many visitor or viwers. The content did as well. Many pieces were quit controversial. One piece was stolen at this show. At least that didn't happen at my first show. When i returned there, many peices were not where I hung them. I thought I sold many more then I expected. Come to find out my work upset many patients in the Albany, NY, Vertrans Hospital. The name of that short tour was 'Planet Neurotical'. At present, I'm about to exhibit my second show at the same community college. OK, that's Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson, NY. This show will be all the paintings I've done over the last year or so. Another words all the works at the Gallery at Leeds. Actually the gallery is my art studio and rented apartment where me and my new wife live now. I went to the Philippines in 2002 and married her. We are now waiting to get a new cat.
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