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1975 born in Damascus Nov.26
1995 graduated from Adham Ismail fine arts institute Damascus.
1998 graduated from the faculty of fine arts (painting) 1'st degree. Damascus university.
1997 - 2000: Teacher in Adham Ismail Fine Arts Institutes, Damascus.


Member of the syndicate of fine arts in Damascus
Member of "The Stroke Of Genius"


The Art Of Sara Shamma


2003 Internet International Art Contest: Fine Works _A: 7 persons.
2001 first prize (the Golden Medal) in Latakia Biennial (painting), Latakia, Syria.
2000 Second prize in the Spanish Cultural Center art competition Damascus.
2000 Second prize in the British Council Art Competition, Damascus.
1998 Second Prize in the youth Exhibition Organized by the Syndicate of fine arts, Damascus.


2003 May Women Arts Organized by Le Pont Art Gallery, Aleppo
2003 January - July Syrian Artists, Gallery Amber (Leiden - Enschede - Holland)
17 > 30 September 2002 Collective Exhibition M-Art gallery (women artists)
September / 2002 M-Art gallery (women artists)
26 April - 8 June/2002 Mediterranean biennial in (Kheir El Din) palace, in Tunis.
January/2002 M-art gallery in Vienna.
July/2001 ARTUEL Beirought, Lebanon.
23 June - 2 September/2001 2 Syrian artists in Coventry Museums and galleries. Coventry, UK (Sara Shamma, Fady Yazijy).
August/2001 Latakia biennial Syria.
April/2001 Sharjah biennial ,Sharjah, UAE.
March/2001 Cairo Biennial, Cairo, Egypt.
October/2001 Symposium (Monte Rosa) Hotel and country club Damascus.
1994 to 2002 Participate in 18 exhibitions in Damascus (The National Museum of Damascus, the Arbic Cultural Center, the Spanish Cultural Center, the British Council, Al Bal Art Gallery, Al-Sayed Art Gallery, Jabri Art Gallery, Al-Shaab Art Gallery, Croquis Art Gallery, Holy Cross Halls, The International Committee of the Red Cross)


13 > 30 October 2002 Individual Exhibition in Nassir Choura art gallery, Damascus.
4-24 February/2001 Shell Cultural Club, Damascus.
January/2000 Nassir Choura art gallery, Damascus.
January/1999 The French Cultural Center,Damascus.

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