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Co-director of JUNK TV Ltd, a UK based film production and screening company. Also a founder member of the Digital Arts Development Association (DADA). JUNK TV was set up in 1997 to produce and screen new digital cinema. Screenings in cinemas, bars, cafes, festivals and events throughout the UK, Europe and some screenings in the US.

By 2002 JUNK TV had produced 123 short digital films for projection and broadcast including programmes for Channel 4 (UK), ITV (UK) and W139TV (Amsterdam).

JUNK TV also undertake commisioned film work and youth and community film work.

DADA was set up Autumn 2002 as a label for contemporary digital arts forms including film, music, image & design and with a specific remit to take contemporary digital arts to new users, audiences and spaces.

Recent film productions by JUNK TV Ltd and DADA include 'Cube of Whyt', a short documentary about a screening of a 10 x 10 x 10 cube of white in the snowy Tatras mountains of northern Czech republic, 'Goodbye Kisses' a tale of very large eyes, very large kisses and an opening line that states - "She was the second most beautiful woman I ever met", 'The White House Speed Freak War Mongering Conspiaracy' A cut up of news footage that reveals the heinous narcotic conspiracy behind the US government's war on terrorism and 'Piggy Bank' about a young girl who cuts a slit in her belly as a place to store her loose change.

JUNK TV and DADA are coordinating a one minute film screening event called 'KWIK-FLICS' for December. Film submissions are invited on any format provided they are no longer than 1 minute in length. Contact us through our website
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