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Susanna Viale, a native of Turin ,Italy , is an internationally exhibiting artist and has garnered numerous reviews, honors and awards.
A former student of famous Italian master , Sergio Albano, Viale has established herself as a premier painter of global humanist themes.
Her oil paintings depict the pathos of oppression from a multicultural perspective, but without lapsing into maudlin sentimentality.
The artist describes her creative process in the following passionate statement, "My painting is figurative, instinctive and powerful.
Her ripe distortion are somewhat akin to Italian mannerism that is combined with a muscular brushwork, almost serpentine in appearance.
The twisted of the brooding faces, are outlined in bold, vivid colors, with a palette more South American than Mediterranean, and is calculated to affect the viewer at their deepest emotional level.
"The subjects I paint can be startling, dramatic or spiritual. Many times I paint poverty or scenes of third world people because painting must not only represent aestheticism, but must also be a cultural and social message, unpleasant at times," says Viale.
Her pictures mostly portray the really vulnerable members of society; women and children.
Represented as abandoned and helpless, with a raw energy reminiscent of the portraits of the late Social Realist, Alice Neel, or the political impact of Diego Rivera.
Viale also makes forays into the artistic discipline of sculpture.
While working three dimensionally, her creative process becomes experimental, and often utilized computer parts and CDs as a paeon to technology.

Exposition:USA,Canada,Messico,Argentina,Gran Bretagna, Francia,Spagna ,Austria, Cuba, Montecarlo,Italia.
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