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These “collages” are like pages from a journal, yet they are (hopefully) obtuse enough to challenge and engage your imagination. They are attempts to explore age-old symbols while documenting the artist's own experiences and day-dreams. In that way, the stories the viewer may invent can all share a familiar foundation while remaining open-ended and personal.

Digital proofs begin with hand-drawn studies of beings, things and events. Line, color and texture are simulated in Corel’s Painter with a Wacom tablet. The narrative and technique are interdependent, with the outcome never predetermined.

The artist was born in Florida in 1970, but his childhood was split between Texas and Colorado. He was always encouraged to explore on canvas and paper, rather than embarrass himself on some sort of playing field.

In 1994, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado State University where he studied the classics, art history and was strongly discouraged from calling himself an artist.

By the late 90’s, he had made a completely logical detour into Information Technology where he continues to dabble.

The artist now broods about this world in digital media.

He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.
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