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Albanian artist.

29 May 1974 He was born in Tirana of Albania from greek parents.


1988-1992 After being competed, he completed his studies in drawing and painting and was specialize in the section of engraving in the artistic school of Tirana.
1992 Among competents he ranks second and earn the right after examinations for the entering in the "Academy of Fine Arts" of Albania on the section of monumental painting.

One man exhibitions

Jan 1996 Dimokritos gallery, Athens.
Feb 1999 Astrolavos gallery, Piraeus.

Group exhibitions

Jun 1996 - Dimokritos gallery, Athens.
Feb 1997 - Arieta gallery, Plaka, Athens.
Okt 1998 - Arieta gallery, Syntagma, Athens.
Apr 1999 - Astrolavos gallery, Athens.
Apr 1999 - Hellenic American Union : "Minus Plus", curators Manos Stefanidis
and Nandia Argiropoulou, Athens.
May 2004 - "Colours of Albania", National Art Gallery, Albania

Since 1993 Toni Milaqi lives and creates in Athens.
Studios of toni milaqi

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