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Born October 1970 Mzamane has traveled the globe. Raised by parents who were anti-apartheid activists banned from their own country Mzamane has experienced many cultures, peoples and places. Experiences in countries like Nigeria England Botswana Germany France and the United States have shaped his views.
Educated in architectural technology in the United States he returned to South Africa in 1993. His return although cathartic was frustrating. He would be hired by firms that still operated under the old system. He worked as an election monitor, bodyguard for a prominent businessman and also as a architectural support technician for a lesser known entity.
A student of carpentry metallurgy and the architecture of the Xhosa Zulu and Khoi peoples of Southern Africa Mzamane spent substantial amounts of time touring the country and learning from its great masters.
TVT Mzamane describes himself as an Entrepreneur Activist Architect Manufacturer and Artistic Craftsman..... A true disciple of the African renaissance contributing to the rebirth of Africa and her greatness.
He is also Managing Director of Bathwa le Bafokeng inc ,partner in CDY - TVT Productions, Curator of Ifriqiya's collections and partner in Ife Enterprises.
A percentage of all of Mzamane's endeavours goes to the Bathwa le Bafokeng an entity that sponsors and supports educational initiative in Southern Africa.

I believe if you listen to your meditation long enough you will begin to hear the echoes of your silence..... I assure you it is the most beautiful sound.
I paint what I like when I feel like it and I have no idea why I decide to paint what I paint....... Stating that I like the subject matter would be too obtuse therefore I reserve comment until I have fully figured it out... I know that I do not like painting dogs flowers fruit etc.
In 1995 I spent some time incarcerated in Moderbee Prison One of South Africa’s cruelest prisons during Apartheid and no better during my visit there. I had the luxury of a felt tip pen and a plain white pad brought to me by a friend to while away time. I started to draw first i drew motifs then graduated to shadows and then to forms. I assume that it was during this time that i realized that black lines on white paper are the simplest form of art one could imagine but there could be beauty and complexity within this form. The creation of life in itself is simple it is the nurturing and living of that life that is difficult..... Define your angst
My art is an odyssey of my life most of my work is dominated by the stark contrasts between light and dark good versus bad front and back and positive intrusions into negative space. The glass is either half full or half empty.

A Quote that inspired me

if you believe in yourself, your purpose and attempt daily to be selfish in a positive manner there is nothing that you cannot overcome, no sorrow that will bring you down and best of all you will be the person that i have always known you to be...... (My Mother)

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