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I was born in jefferson county in 1963 my family moved to grayson county in 1975 I have been drawing in pencil since age of 6 years I have always love drawing people' animal' landscapes .........I have been painting 5 years the passion inside of me grows stronger every moment..Ihave done some water colors ' oils 'lots of pencil 'I love acrylics most of all the thicker the better . Artist Perspection By Vickie Brooks.........Ask an angel to describe her wings .She knows she can fly . She knows she can soar .But' to explain the reasons would be to attempt to analyze the wind beneath my wings . My art is to me asher wings are to an angel .The feel of the brush against my hand ' the soft swirling of the colors and strokes filling the canvas ' the creation of my mind 's eye are the billowing of the wind beneath my wings ' my escape from the tethers and constraints of my life ' the release of my imagination to soar un restrained . Acrylic ' pencil ' inks are the keys wich open the doorway into my mind transforms my throught to the reality of the canvas .... If i touch one person heart' inspire one individual to look beyond today ' ' Iwill have shared the wind beneath my wings // god bless

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