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Like all the greatest pieces of fashion, Loewestamm's exciting natural wooden jewellery personifies a creative clash of designs - wild rivals with man-made, mystical meets rationale, and the erotic exoticism of the East blends with the subliminal cultivation of the West.
A unique family firm, Loewestamm was founded in Yalta (Ukraine)in 1989, a Black Sea coastal resort renowned for its eclectic, cosmopolitan artistic community.
Today, more than ever, Loewestamm's gorgeous natural wooden jewellery displays multicultural influences in an act of bringing together contrasting artistic traditions with boundless creativity.
Every valuable original piece of Loewestamm's natural wooden jewellery is a result of a search for the perfect merge of form and material, with the concealed beauty of wood brought to light by the magic craft of jewellery artist.
Handcrafted from precious grey mountain oak, and laden with a heavy selection of alluring natural amber, attractive terracotta ceramics and appealing shiny stainless steel, these are natural jewellery pieces to evoke serious passion and natural adoration!
No wonder that even the most sophisticated of fashion article merchandizers are crazy about wild designs of Loewestamm.
Natural wooden jewellery by Loewestamm really is bringing us all back to the nature
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