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Wendy Teresa Bandurski

1979 University of Western Australia
B.A. English Literature (incomplete)
1992 Edith Cowan University. Bunbury Campus.
Awarded B.A. Education. Art and Design Minor.
1993 B.Ed. (incomplete).

Community Experiences
1990 Exhibition Co-ordinator. “Impremiere”
1991 Exhibition Co-ordinator. “Fibres, Forms and Figures”
1992 “Innovative Links National Conference” Adelaide
Western Australian Representative Team.
1993-1997 Rapid Response Team Member. Westwhales.
1993-1994 Secretary. Westwhales.
1994-1995 Bunbury Festival of Arts and Nature Inc.
Community Operations Committee Member.
1993-1996 Withers Whizz Kids. Performing Circus. Teacher Co-ordinator.
1995 Bunbury Festival of Arts and Nature. Board Member.
1995 Bunbury City Eisteddfod. Healthways Promotional Art Poster.
1995 Bunbury City Eisteddfod. Co-ordinator. Circus Performers.
1997 Children’s Week. Mosaic Workshop. Public Programme.
2000 Medieval Carnivale Balingup. Committee Member.
2001 Medieval Carnivale Balingup. Poster design & artwork.
2002-3 Medieval Carnivale Balingup School Community Arts Co-ordinator.
2002 Take Five. Train the Trainer. Performance Workshop Participant.
2004 Art Workshop. ‘Fibonnacci’ Hanging sculptures, South West Highway
2004 Small Farm Field Day – Student Art Display Co-ordinator.
2004 Medieval Carnivale - Students drama workshops and
1992 Bunbury Dolphin Trust. Education Officer.
1993 Bunbury City Art Galleries. Fun Club For Kids –Art Teacher.
1993-1996 Education Department. Primary Teacher – Circus & Art Specialist.
1996 Bunbury City Art Galleries Sum Fun Workshop Art Teacher.
1997 Bunbury City Art Galleries ‘Visions’ Art Training Camp. Bridgetown.
Workshop Facilitator.
1998 Bunbury City Art Galleries. stART Scheme. Art Workshop for
Disabled Adults.
2001 Community Arts Project Co-ordinator and Artist.
Western Power Light poles. Balingup.
2002-4 Education Department. Primary Teacher. Balingup.

Selected Group Exhibitions
1990 “Impremiere”. E.C.U Art Elective Students.
1991 “Fibres, Forms and Figures.” E.C.U Art Elective Students.
1992-2001 “South West Survey” Bunbury City Art Galleries.
1993 “Art Extrodinaire”. Bunbury Catholic College.
1993 “Personalities and Perceptions” Jalindia Art Galleries Bunbury.
1994 “New Visions” Margaret River Art Galleries. Margaret River.
1995 “Paperworks. Images of the Bush.” Bunbury City Art Galleries.
1995 “Albany Art Exhibition.” Albany.
1997 ”Tulips in Carnivale”. Ellendale Galleries. Balingup.
1998 “Unframed”. Koombana Bay Resort Exhibition & Auction.
2000 Forrest Corner Art Exhibition. A Medieval Affayre.

Solo Exhibitions
1994 In Expression” Gloucester Hotel, Pemberton. Conference Room.
2000 “Archetype” Little Gecko Café. Balingup.
2001 Hedge End Studio Gallery. Forrest Street Balingup.
2003 “Seasonal Elements” Little Gecko Cafe. Balingup

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