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Rooma Mehra

May 2005 Digital Color Artist of the Month

© 2005 Rooma Mehra

Rooma Mehra (b. 1967) is the May 2005 Artist of the Month. The cognitive details of Rooma's intricate and exquisite watercolors reveal a fertile mind of great imaginative reach. Her sensitive faces have a dreamy vapor-like quality that exude secretiveness and magical charm. After seeing her paintings, the predominant feeling that one has is that she is in search of an incomprehensible and invisible truth a longing for which is reflected in all of her paintings.

Rooma has had solo shows in New Delhi from 1982 to 2002. Her work is in collections in Canada, Switzerland, U.S.A., Denmark, Austria, Spain and Japan. She has published three volumes of poetry.

Artist page of Rooma Mehra

The Digital Color Awards.
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