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March 2005 Nominations

Lynda Cookson Lynda Cookson, resident in Ireland, uses mainly acrylic on canvas although she does employ other techniques to satisfy her need for variety and stimulation, such as oil prints. Her work is vibrant and colourful, strongly influenced by her South African roots. 49 votes.
wendy (green) impressionist ink acrylics and finely observed watercolours14 votes.
Ian Pearson Oil paintings exploring Canadian history and politics11 votes.
Ada De Vito abstract art and technical mixed5 votes.
Ian Pearson Ian's work is historically based, and rooted in pop culture, with a tendency to comment both seriously and humorously on the subject matter, which ranges from scenes of the beach at Normandy on D-day to the hucksterism of TV perennial Bob Barker.5 votes.
Ilona Wellmann Award winning Fine Art Photograpy and Digital Artwork, stunning Infrared color and duotoned images. 4 votes.
Bruce Price May I nominate myself? I believe this site is better for judging purposes than my other site. If I didn't nominate myself, you might not see this site! has 51images all in one Gallery. Easy to check out. 2 votes.
Mariano Petit de Murat Amazing digital art,truly fantastic imagination and refined style. This artist deserves a nomination for his creative mind and skills. 2 votes.
Eileen Kasprick The work are large acrylic paintings on canvas. They are vibrant and exciting and are a great visual experience.2 votes.
Deborah Duffy Wonderful image of motherhood and hard work combined in a sensitive composition. 2 votes.
Claire McCarthy Beautiful landscape paintings!1 vote.
Katarina Zaric Beautiful thought provoking and mysterious work.1 vote.
K. McKee Unique vision nice color relationships....I love the artists' spiritual concepts. I also visited dominate site of the artist....the paintings definitely touch the soul of the spectator. Very powerful 1 vote.

The Digital Color Awards.
Digital Color provides recognition for outstanding contemporary artists. It has granted monthly awards since September 1999. The winner is entitled to free Gallery Service for twenty galleries from Digital Consciousness for one year.

The work of the winning artist is featured on the Digital Color Artist of the Month page for a month and thereafter in the Permanent Gallery of Digital Color Winners. The winner is announced on the 23rd of each month through the Digital Consciousness newsletter and other media.

Nominations made through the 9th of the month are accepted for the following month. Nominations made after the 9th are accepted for the month after that. The public may vote on the nominees, but the votes are not binding on the jury. Current nominees are listed on the Digital Color Current Nominees page. Links to previous nominees are on the Digital Color Previous Nominees page.
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