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Clell Miller 1/9/1850 -- 9/7/1876.
  • Brother to Ed Miller
  • Tried for Horse Stealing and acquitted
  • Robbed the Ocobock Brother's Bank at Corydon,Iowa, and the Otterville Train.
On the night of March 10, 1874 Clell Miller and Jesse James kidnapped Joseph W. Witcher, a detective from Chicago. They took him to crossroads near Independence, Missouri, where three years before the gang had a shoot-out with private detectives associated with Witcher. In an obvious message to that association of detectives, they shot Witcher and left him in the crossroads.

On September 7, 1876, Clell rode to the First National Bank Northfield, Minnesota. Bank cashier Joseph L.Heywood refused to open the safe. Heywood was killed and another cashier, A.E. Bunker, was shot in the shoulder. Townspeople then ambushed Clell and the other riders from the hardware store and the second floor of a hotel.

Clell, and gang member, Bill Chadwell were killed in the street. Also killed was a Scandinavian, Oscar Seeborn, who couldn't understand English, more particularly, the intsruction to get out of the way.
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