Nicholas Whately, a charcter in the game. Dave Williams, designer of the Doomtown game.

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Dead Man's Hand
Clell Miller
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Doomtown cards can be used to gamble by use of all of the Collectable Trading Card Rules with the following amendments.
  1. Decks must be a legal -- 13 cards of each suit, one of each rank; two jokers are still allowed.
  2. Each shootout is also a three betting round poker hand.The first betting round occurs after a player accepts a shootout, but before shootout actions; the second after shootout actions but before cards have been drawn; and the third after cards have been drawn.
  3. If a player folds he loses all his dudes involved in the shootout.
  4. Wagering limits maybe whatever the players agree on. Table table stakes / pot limit / $1 initial bet is used in this explanation. Table stakes means that prior to starting the game each player puts a certain amount of money in front of him that is the limit he can lose. Pot limit / $1 initial bet means that as the initial bet, (that bet made prior to the creation of a pot) a player may wager $1 on the outcome of the shootout by putting in the middle of the table -- creating a pot. The opposing player can fold, call (also put $1 in the pot) or raise. The maximum raise is the pot. After the first $1 wager the pot is $2 for raising purposes -- the $1 initial wager and the $1 call. There is a three raise per betting round limit. If at anytime a player does not have enough money to call a bet, he can call by putting what he has left in the pot (called "going all in") and the shootout continues without further wagering.
  5. The winner of the Shootout gets the pot. The players may wager on every Shootout until one player wins the stacks of all his opponents. In that event, the game then continues pursuant to the Collectable Trading Card Rules without further wagering.
Challenge is a form of poker. The game requires a pack of standard playing cards and tokens such as chips or coins. It may be played with anywhere from 2 to 16 people.
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