Digital Consciousness frequently asked questions
What is Digital Consciousness?
Digital Consciousness is a public database of contemporary art. It contains biographies and artwork of emerging and established artists working in diverse media and styles. It administers a monthly on-line art contest, an art directory and an arts bulletin board.

How did you pick the name?
The name was chosen because of the truly phenomenal reach of new technology. Art, an extention of conscioiusness, can now be reduced to bits and bytes to be viewed over the Internet no matter in what medium it was originally created. This is the birth of Digital Consciousness.

How does one obtain galleries?
To sign up for Gallery Service, one must first register. Registration is free and provides users with an Artist Page and a password. Users then click on the edit link at the very bottom of their Artist Page and enter the password. If they have Gallery Service they will then be able to operate the Internet Publishing Robot (IPR) through a control panel to make up to 20 galleries. Gallery Service can be purchased through Digital Galleries.

What is the Internet Publishing Robot?
The Internet Publishing Robot (IPR) allows artists to publish images on the Internet. By operating the IPR an artist can add galleries and modify existing galleries. Access to the IPR is available to those registered Digital Consciousness Artists who have won the Digital Color Artist of the month award or who have otherwise been recognized for their artistic merit. More information about the IPR is available in the Internet Publishing Robot Manual

What are the Digital Color Awards?
The Digital Color Awards provide recognition for outstanding contemporary artists. It has accepted nominations for and granted monthly awards since September 1999. Artwork of the nominees that is exhibited on Digital Consciousness and elsewhere on the Internet is judged by a jury. The winner is announced on the 23rd of each month through the Digital Consciousness newsletter and other media. The winner is entitled to free gallery service from Digital Consciousness for one year. This includes gallery hosting and access to the Internet Publishing Robot. The work of the winning artist is featured on the Digital Color Artist of the Month page for a month and thereafter in the Permanent Gallery of Digital Color Winners. Nominations made through the 9th of the month are accepted for the following month. Nominations made after the 9th are accepted for the month after that.
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How does the Database work?
The database lists the galleries in which registered artists are shown, the awards they win and the progress of their careers. The entire database is searchable by artist name, or part of it, or by keyword or phrase. Portions of the database are from time to time compiled into separately themed read only pages. These are terrific for general browsing.

What are the Artist Pages?
Our programs automatically construct a web page for each registered artist. Registration is open to all artists and free of charge. Artists choose a password. With their password they can use an Edit link to upload a new image to their page or update the information it contains.

How does one edit an Artist Page?
To edit your Artist Page, use the link at the bottom of the Artist Page. The link is in the dark gray background under the light gray table. It purposely inconspicuous so as not to distract the viewers. The link takes you to a password enrty page where you may enter your password, or have it e-mailed to you if you have forgotten it.

What is Digital Consciousness News?
Digital Consciousness News reports on the Digital Color winners and the new work of our registered artists and the growth of the database and directory. It is archived on the site and is e-mailed to subscribers once a month.

What is the Digital Consciousness Internet Directory?
We edit an Internet Directory. It is a continuously updated listing of art related content on the Internet. It covers museums, artist listings and galleries. The body of the directory is compiled by human editors from a review of sites submitted and sites they discover.

How can we contact Digital Consciousness?
By e-mail: or by voice mail: 818-316-6609
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