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Alan DorringtonBiography: Born October 30th 1946 into an artistic family, both father and elder brother being painters. Studied painting and Fine Art, at Lancaster College of Art successfully taking the NDD course. During this period I had the opportunity as an exchange student to study in Paris at LŽEcole Bayeux Arts, a private academy devoted to the promotion of excellence in modern conceptional painting. This was the period of pop art, a style of painting which appealed to my representational and modernist concept at that time. Having worked as a scenic artist and set designer for the Grand Theatre Lancaster, I was invited to join the studio of the Narne Williamson Group, one of the largest textile manufacturers in the UK. One of only 5 artists I designed floor and wall coverings for nurseries, after six months of painting cherubs, storks and pink clouds - I resigned and set up my own studio to paint full time. In 1968 I held a joint exhibition with my brother attracting a great deal of critical acclaim, our work was featured on the BBC and in the national press. Unfortunately it did not result in the financial support I needed to continue to paint full time. In 1970 I was appointed Fine Art Director of R.G.Rummery Ltd a worldwide antiques business based in Devon. An occupation that allowed me to stay in touch with the art world, and crucially to continue painting in a private capacity. I remained in the business world for the next twenty years, during this period my paintings were sold in the Middle East to private buyers, one watercolour being presented to the ruler of Sharja in the UAE. Eventually I was persuaded to return to painting full time, a decision which I have never regretted. It was through illustrating two childrenŽs stories that I rediscovered the techniques of Victorian/Edwardian watercolour painting, techniques which are now a recognizable part of my style, adding a quality that is often lacking in many artists work. Todate my fantasy work has appeared in National/European publications as diverse as Science Fiction magazines to Home Design Interiors. In tandem with my watercolour paintings, are my work in oils which I describe as retro impressionist. Portraits of dignitaries, landscapes, occasionally a brush stroke copy of a masterwork (Van Goth to Leonardo) or simply informal paintings of my children. During the last year I have begun to tutor privately in oils and watercolours, passing on some of the knowledge and experience gained over th... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: United States Birthyear: October 30th 1946 Galleries: Palettes of Vision Art Galleries Fine Art Director of R.G.Rummery Ltd in Devon. National/European publications Paris at LŽEcole Bayeux Arts Awards: National/European publications as diverse as Science Fiction magazines to Home Design Interiors. One watercolour being presented to the ruler of Sharja in the UAE. Media: watercolor, oils Style: fantasy, Victorian/Edwardian watercolour painting and retro impressionist Subjects: people, portraits and characters, Landscapes and Nature, Interiors,
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