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Alex KunoBiography: Some of the most hilarious and disturbing works of art I've ever seen have been religious paintings. There's this one that shows this crowd of greenish, asymmetrical figures with these really strained, shocked looks on their faces, surrounding a guy in a beard who's washing another guy's feet. It's very creepy... I've worked primarily in oils, but recently I've developed a technique involving layers of gesso, charcoal, and stained wood varnish. The end result gives the figures the illusion that they're sealed in amber. It also promises to give me some weird kind of cancer. Country: U.S.A. Birthyear: 1975 Galleries: New York Few guest artist Tupelo Gallery, Astoria NY Coffee Gallery, Minneapolis Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis Media: drawing Style: surrealistic, Neo-Medievalist, I guess Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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