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Alexander SokhtBiography: Alexander Sokht is an artist, whose talent wonderfully combines in the field of abstract symbolism and interest to the Human personality, namely to the Child, who lives in each of us. Soft irony, delicate psychologism, wonderful colour feeling, and accurate stylization make altogether Sokht's paintings trustworthy and intimate to everybody . Born in March 1967 in Krasnodar (Russia), studied at the Faculty of Art Graphics in Kuban State University, Member of the International Art Foundation. He exhibits his works starting from 1990. One-Man Exhibitions 1994 - "LUDI" GLa Pirra International Youth Centre, Florence, Italy 1996 - "Procession" Central House of Artists, Moscow 1997 - "Two Good Ones" Central House of Artists, Moscow 1998 - "Contrast" Munich, Germany; "Inhabited Objects" Gallery Vostochnaya, Moscow 1999 - "Island of Apples", Gallery A-3, Moscow 2000 - "Line Of Mountains" La Belle Auriole, France 2002 - Atelierhaus Mengerziele, Berlin, Germany; Graf von Westphalen, Bappert & Modest, Berlin, Germany, Hay Hill gallery, London • 2003 -Central Hous of Artists /TsDKh/, Moscow,- Art - Manege". Manege , Moscow Collective Exhibitions 1990 - Russian South Zone exhibition, Rostov-na-Donu 1991 - "Green Sun" Exhibition Hall, Krasnodar 1992 - "37 Pictures" M'ARS Gallery, Moscow; "48 Pictures" Central House of Artists, Moscow 1993 - "Golden Brush" Central House of Artists, Moscow 1994 - "Russian Collection, End of the 20th Century" M'ARS Gallery, Moscow 1995- "Fascinated Wanderer" M'ARS Gallery, Moscow 1996 - "Ad Hominem" (with S Kourmaz and K Stepaniyanz) Russian State Art Library, Moscow; "Art Manege 96" International Art Fair, Manege, Moscow 1997 - Art Festival "Vologda, 850 Years", Vologda, Russia; "Russian Collection at the Palais des Nations" Geneva, Switzerland 1998 - "Dream of Venus" Gallery Vostochnaya, Moscow; "Art Salon 98" Central House of Artists, Moscow; "A Multicoloured World" Gallery Vostochnaya, Manege, Moscow; "Art Manege 98" Manege, Moscow 1999 - "Tea" project, Gallery Vostochnaya, Moscow; "ART" Central House of Artists, Moscow, "Art Manege 99" Manege, Moscow 2000 - "Area of Happiness" Central House of Artists, Moscow; "20 Parallels" Museum Of Contemporary Art, Moscow; "Exhibition in Russian Cultural Centre in Luxembourg"; "Euroart'2000" International Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain 2001 - "Konst in Virsbo"- Virsbo, Sweden; A-3 Gallery, Moscow. Alexander Sokht's pictures are in the col... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: CZECH REPUBLIC Birthyear: 1967 Media: oil Style: expressionistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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