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Andrea NewellBiography: Born and raised in Dallas, Texas; focused on writing symphonies/short stories and sculpting. At age 14, was recommended to a national advertising campaign for the prevention of teen pregnency; and won. Subsequently, the same school held a competition for an national adverising campaign for The Great American Smoke Out/ American Cancer Society, and received first place again; with advertisements published countless times across the United States. At 14, and again at 16, was awarded two literary awards for philosophical poetry, and published, twice, (and again four more times over the last few years). I was already a sketch artist, but felt as though something significant was missing from the freedom of expression I was able to portray as a sketch artist. I started scupting nudes to get familiar with the medium, and was discovered by a prominent and well-respected art gallery. I was also working as a model in Texas, but was offered a spokesmodel position in Los Angeles, and couldn't refuse. The ocean had brought a solitude to my art, and I knew looking at the perfect curl of a wave, that it was time for a change in my art work as well. I had always had a fear of paint as just a sketch/ charcoal artist. Looking at my new collection, I cannot believe I avoided the truth for so long - painting was the only medium that would allow me to capture impressionism. Every painting reveals the beauty of the subject in a unique light, derived from many years of struggle against myself to create it. Country: USA Birthyear: 06-24-73 Galleries: The Art Gallery of Turtle Creek, Awards: Publishing and literary awards from age 14 years old; two large illustrated advertising campaigns by age 18. Accomplished sculptor and sketch artist, (portratit, landscape, and still life). Media: acrylic, 2 watercolors, 18 acrylic Style: impressionistic, Some impressionistic, others abstract/symbolic/cubist Subjects: landscapes and nature, Landscapes/nature on some, animals/wildlife, people and portraits- each one with it's own duality
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