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Antonio PapassoBiography: Papasso was born in Florence. His interest in arts matured slowly rooted in the tradition of the great painters of the past. He is a watchful observer of the various art exhibitions in Tuscany, and makes frequent visits to the Uffizi, the Pitti, and other Galleries… 1970 was the beginning of a period of great tension for Papasso. He had come to feel that the results he was achieving were too placid and smooth to be able to satisfy that desire and the passion that art now stimulated in him. He was restless and dissatisfied, and decided to move to a farmhouse near Pisa. In his "hermitage", freely and consciously chosen, he faced up to the challenge of increasing his store of knowledge, mostly in bitter solitude. This challenge included the penetration and understanding of philosophical and anthropological problems. Meanwhile, his interest in etchinges and prints was, growing.. He published his first set of etchings, "GENEALOGIA" in 1976. It was through the use of soft vellum paper that he found his own way of making art. He experimented with this new technique and in 1979 exhibited a group of works, presented by Roberto Sanesi at the Zarathustra gallery in Milan. Two years later, after investigating more fully the possibilities of this material, he exhibited even more demanding works at the same gallery. It's 1981, and this time it's Gillo Dorfles who introduces the catalogue exhisibition. Papasso's interest in copperplate etching technique was growing, and through these he discovered new images. It was in his period that he published a portfolio of six colour etchings, entitled "CANTA" (Pisa 1981). This was followed by other three personal exhibitions in Genova, Trento and Bologna. After these exhibitions he was overcome by new feelings of unease and restlessness and decided not to exhibit his works in public. He returned to his solitary life, carrying on with his experiments in isolated silence . It was in this period that he created the series of etchings called "RE/SPIRA" (Pisa, 1982), now at the MoMA in New York and in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. "…It was accepted at the Committee's May 25 th meeting (...) The members of the Committee were unanimously enthusiastic about your etchings (...) it broadens our knowledge of contemporary Italian printmakings ..." From The Museum of Modern Art - purchase of RE/SPIRA serial of etchings - New York, 25-may-1983). " ...les votre petite album si subtil e si d... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Italy Birthyear: 1932 Galleries: 1975 "IL Salotto" Gallery, Como - Italy 1976 "Scuole Comunali", Vecchiano (PI) - Italy 1977 "Metastasio" Gallery, Prato (FI) - Italy 1978 "9 Colonne" Gallery, Trento - Italy 1979 "Zarathustra" Gallery, Milan - Italy 1980 "Greminger" Gallery, Genoa - Italy 1981 "Comune di Montignoso", Massa Carrara - Italy "Museo alternativo Remo Brindisi", Spina (FE) - Italy 1982 "Zarathustra" Gallery, Milan - Italy 1984 "Triennale Europea dell'Incisione", Grado (Ve) - Italy 1985 "Biennale Internazionale dell'Incisione", Lubiana - Iugoslavia 1988 Galerie "Forum", Hamburg - Germania "Vigadò" Galéria, Budapest - Hungary 1989 "Charlton" Gallery, Rome - Italy 1992 "Toninelli Arte Moderna", (Fiac) Gran Palais, Paris - France 1993 "Toninelli Arte Moderna", (Saga) Gran Palais Paris - France "Toninelli Arte Moderna", Rome - Italy 1994 "Palais des Festivals", Cannes - France 1995 "Arte Jonction", Cannes - France 1996 "Telemarket" Italy - Italy 1999 "Palazzo Comunale" of Bracciano (Rome) - Italy - Fondaction Joan Mirò, Barcelona (5 WORKS) - Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe, Rome (6 WORKS) - Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (6 WORKS) - The Museum of Modern Art, New York (7 WORKS) - Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris (21 WORKS) Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: interiors
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