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Apollonov OleksiyBiography: Aleksey Apollonov is one of most impressive representatives of the contemporary Ukrainian fine arts. His art works are hardly possible to definitely attribute to some particular style or trend. The style of his paintings is always individual and recognizable though every time it remains within the framework of the figurative paintings. Each time the artist states a new problem for himself and interprets it in his particular manner. Thus in 'Windows', one of the series of his paintings his creative method is reduced to minimum and finds its articulation thanks to the expressive reverberation of color and its laconic composition. In the series of his monotypes united under the title "Hunting" archetypal 'rock paintings' change into a rejoicing ritual feast with bulls and archers against bright and colorful background. Moreover, Aleksey Apollonov's landscapes most often communicate the author's longing for the sea. A sight to the seashore is observed from the window, while we find a big seashell left by the artist on the windowsill. We are fascinated both by the quiet and storming sea, and the silhouettes of the night boats lingering in the darkness. Natalie Goncharova, Art historian Kiev-2000 Country: Ukraine Birthyear: 1962 Galleries: 2003 "Crimean Holiday",RA Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine 2001 Paintings, Tadzio Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine “BODY STUDY", RA Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine 2000 "Windows.Hunting" Graphics. Kolyory Gallery ,Kyiv, Ukraine ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine 1999 ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine 1998 "Creation of the World". Akvarel Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine 1997 "Presentiment". Akvarel Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine "Graphics". Akvarel Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine "Remembrances". Irena Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine Media: oil Style: impressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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