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Beata TaschnerBiography: Beata Taschner's images imprint themselves through color composition and intensity. Full of energy and momentum, they lean toward the abstract, with soft hints of concreteness. Taschner presents her works in such a large, dense format that the paintings emerge as portrayals without any concrete physicalness. Interpretations and association push themselves forward. The heavens are used as unending space, glistening from light with a radiant sheen of the sun. Earthy colors show waves, like muscles of the earth's body, in which the water stores peace and depth. The tones of her blues fascinate and captivate. Blue, yellow and sharply-accented red stipulate the color horizon. She reaches an open, inner space with her paintings -- like buoys in outer space, peaceful islands, for further excursions into the artistic world in her studio/atelier. Born in Poland, Taschner studied applied art at the Fine Art Academy in Vienna and fashion design in Zurich. Her works have appeared in numerous exhibitions, galleries, institutions and collections in Europe. Country: Austria Birthyear: 1961 Galleries: Modern Art Gallery in Vienna/Austria. Sekanina Gallery in Ferrara/Italy. Agora Gallery in New York/USA. Media: oil Style: abstract Subjects: light and color
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