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Bruce PriceBiography: ---NEWS 2008: Creating new series called Small Universes. Mixed media constructions. See Small Universes gallery. ---NEWS 2007: Too much digital hurt my left hand, so I started over with right hand, drawing with ink on paper. Did a lot of Extreme Drawing. Visit my site (it's very pretty) to see more of this, and all my work. ---I have a literary site called, which features digital art on each page). ---Let me especially urge you to visit This very serious site is up to 50,000 words. Topic as diverse as robots, Latin, design, poetry, digital art, Flesch, Pavlov, and many more. With the underlying theme of trying to save education from our educators! Country: USA Birthyear: 1941 Galleries: First solo show as digital artist was at Caladan Gallery of Boston....(Show can easily be found by entering "Bruce Price digital" in Google; Caladan show will be among first few items.) Awards: My work was chosen for 40 juried shows during 2004-05 and I won 11 awards. For an introduction to digital art, visit my blog: Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: light and color, New Beauty
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