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Catalin PopaBiography: I am not good with words. This is the reason I use other means to communicate what I want to say. I let my mind free. To explore a past, deep down inside me, which was with me through all of my lifes and which, in a conscious state of mind, I would not reach. To search for answers of all the questions that I have. In the first place for me. And then for all of you who share the same beliefs. Strange and unseen shapes and figures are passing before my eyes. I feel them coming out from deep inside me from a past which I don't remember. But certainly it doesn't want to be forgot. Country: Romania Birthyear: 1967 Galleries: october 14 - november 19, 2000 bit by bit - all digital art exhibition Business of Art Centre - Manitou Springs, CO Awards: 1st Prize at Graphic Contest (PC - WORLD) - August 1997 Winner of the bid organized by "The Foundantion for an Open Society" for the covers of "Fundamental Books of Romanian Culture" - June 1998 Winner of the bid organized by RAO Publishing House for logo design - January 1999 Media: computer or digital art Style: abstract, symbolic Subjects: other, Strange shapes and forms coming from deep inside me.
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