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Cecilia Casariego Biography: Cecilia Casariego , born and raised in Argentina, started to devellop her artistic talents from the age of five, by drawing every person her eyes could see. Several maestros have helped her in her search of perfection, all of them realizing the talent they were holding under their wings. While she was working for several years at the Ministry of Justice in Buenos Aires, she could be found daily at the workplaces of different known painters, exploring her capacities in all styles and technics: landscapes, decoration, acrilics, pastel, oil on canvas and paper and best of all her portraits. In 2003 Cecilia decided to leave her beloved country and move to Spain. In Madrid and Santander she achieved to become a known name in house decoration, portraits and landscapes. But as an illigal it was hard in Spain. In 2004 she got married with Bruno Mazereel, of Belgian nationality, and that gave her the freedom to go and work where she can. Country: Belgium Birthyear: 1973 Galleries: El Corte InglÚs, Santander (ESP) 't Pandje, Izegem (BEL) Awards: El Corte InglÚs, 2003 Media: drawing, oil on canvas and paper, acrilics, ink, pencil, pen Style: realistic, fantasy Subjects: people, portraits and characters, decoration, landscapes
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