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Christine BennettBiography: I could write a book about my life, it would be a novel. I have never followed the road most traveled. As a child I examined everything, bugs, leaves, dirt, sand, worms, tad poles, spiders, well everything I saw Id examine. I first found my love for art with finger painting, I was just amazed with it, then of course the play dough and silly puddy. If I had anything to create with I was lost in my own world. I loved school but not the students, I had a few good friends, if you were a nice person you were my friend. I was beautiful but chose to keep my distance from the in crowd. I was always quiet until someone was picked on and when I opened my mouth people listened. Upon graduation, I was given the Silver Metal for Art and was offered a scholarship to any school I wanted but turned it down, I just wanted out of school, as they say if I knew then what I know now. I love any type of art. I started painting in 1995 just as a hobby, I have been selling my paintings for a short time. I also make stained glass wind chimes. I am always thinking about what I can create next. I love to work with my hands. I am very complex and most of my work is unique, I have to feel where it is coming from and just let it take me where it wants to go. My art is like my personality, you never know what you are going to get. Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac. Even when they appear self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. They are like the volcano not far under the surface of a calm sea, it may burst into eruption at any moment. But those of us who are particularly perceptive will be aware of the harnessed aggression, the immense forcefulness, magnetic intensity, and often strangely hypnotic personality under the tranquil, but watchful composure of Scorpio. In conventional social gatherings they are pleasant to be with, thoughtful in conversation, dignified, and reserved, yet affable and courteous; they sometimes possess penetrating eyes which make their shyer companions feel naked and defenseless before them. In their everyday behavior they give the appearance of being withdrawn from the center of activity, yet those who know them will recognize the watchfulness that is part of their character. They need great self-discipline, because they are able to recognize the qualities in themselves that make them different from other humans, and to know their utterly conventional natures c... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: USA Birthyear: November 21, 1964 Awards: Silver metal for art in High school, art scholarship Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: other, Feelings, thoughts, imagination
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