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Christine DerrickBiography: Updated Profile 2016: I have a scientific background and worked in veterinary disease analysis for some sixteen years before moving on to other aspects of life. I attended local art classes for some years as a young painter; I did not know that those classes would be the start of a permanent "relationship" with art, taking me through my entire life; because here I am over 40 years later, still painting. I have had no formal art training and have spent some years finding my own way and style of work; using most of the major media at some time or another. Today, I have settled for oils, soft pastels and occasionally acrylics....but am not averse to sidestepping these and into charcoal, pencil or graphite when the mood takes. My pictures have appeared in many local shows over the years, in support of fund-raising and various community projects; I started a website in 1999 with my paintings on; and then started my own domain a couple of years later, in 2001. In my early painting days, I used oils, and much time was spent producing representational images of my local area landscapes. In the mid-1990's I started a seven-year period of severe back problems, which made driving and walking any distance a painful process. Unable to thus go out much, I began working with subjects immediately to hand, including flowers. The number of works grew and I realised that I had found a "strong point". My website stats recently reminded me that I still had an entry here at DigitalC, so I am updating it. I retain my domain but also now have work displayed at the USA website and the popular UK site I continue to work in the same media, producing floral pastels; and am now doing more small oils, with a current interest in cloud studies. I don't work on so many larger canvases now, but occasionally do so in either acrylics or oils. Country: UK Birthyear: 1955 Galleries: 1. Work is normally only displayed at my local-group shows in my UK home area. Awards: No national or international awards. Media: other, Soft pastels Style: impressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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