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Christopher Alfred BrownBiography: Born in Santa Barbara and educated until eighth grade in the public schools then permanently expelled by the Santa Barbara high school system for”being a disturbance” initiated this artist into alternative thinking. The artist spoke his mind to his math teacher, Mrs. Millinerich. The math teacher was abusive of the students and damaging their potential to enjoy mathematics. The artist after tolerating being made an example of by the teacher for there months, one day spoke about the teacher and what he learned about her as she was psychologically abusing him. The class listened. That is what justified in the minds of the school authorities the expulsion. Today the teacher and the school system could be successfully prosecuted for abuse and discrimination for what happened. Forced from public school the artist, to avoid being in violation of state law, was enrolled in a private school, the Santa Barbara Free School. An alternative school modeled after Summerhill West. Summerhill originated in England. At the Free school the artist learned to enjoy learning again. He learned about art and craftsmanship. This is where his artistic career was hatched. Until age twenty five the artist could find no outlet for his creativity. Free form sculpture and hand crafted items were his only creations besides original music played on a classical guitar. None of which provided adequate income for living. At age twenty six he began operating heavy equipment which integrated the eye, mind hand coordination with his eye for shape, spatial relationships and crafts skills in directing the forces of many tons of diesel powered chisel. Large bulldozers. After a few years the inadequacy of topographic maps and grading plans became such a problem in the business that the artist began to study geometry and the art of surveying. After three years of practice, he purchased sophisticated equipment and software and began applying his talent to generate topographic maps and grading plans that respect mother nature. The art he presents here is primarily from the past, although contemporary inspirations compel him occasionally to produce or craft some item of artistic relevance. Primarily today he concerns himself with musical art, literary art, performance art oriented around; environmental, social justice, peace, love and eternal mysticism understanding love and other areas of activism dedicated to making a better world for his two children. Country: USA Birthyear: 1953 Galleries: Websites only Awards: none Media: computer or digital art Style: other, Prophecy of nature destroyed Subjects: landscapes and nature
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