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Claire MoensBiography: CLAIRE MOENS Korte Heesdonckstraat 52, 9250 Waasmunster Belgium Tel : +32(0)3-772.46.05 & +32(0)496-07.39.33 Fax: +32(0)3 296 46 82 Email : Website : Curriculum Vitae Claire Moens I am born in Antwerp, June 30, 1971. Secondary school at the St Lucas Art School at Ghent followed by studies in jewel design at the Academies for Fine Arts of Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas. I followed various practical training sessions and in particular at the well-known jewel manufacturer Van Den Bosch-Van Ranst who are the leading company in the Benelux for general jewellery and wedding rings. I further became a Graduate Gemmologist at the Diamond High Council (HRD) and I also graduated as Antiquarian, which studies further enlarged my general education in fine arts. Claire Moens Jewel Design started in 1997 and I promote my work through various art, luxury and life style fairs in the Benelux. So far I have participated in about 50 of these fairs and with great success. Design philosophy Gems or better precious stones are the central part of my jewellery design. Colour, clarity and splendour of the wide variety of precious stones are the inspiring elements of my designs. I try to design the jewel around the gem, to bring out the essence of the stone rather then to use it just for decoration. As such, gems are indeed the very soul of my jewellery. Each design is unique: only one will be made. Presentations I often give presentations about precious stones and my jewellery. It is my intention to explain to my audience that there are many more marvellous gemstones beside the well-known diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The less known precious stones deserve to be discovered and shown, and it is for me a real pleasure to guide you in such a discovery. A more specific presentation about diamonds or pearls can also be provided. Exhibitions 1999 - The HRD Diamond Award contest under the theme of the baroque because of the Anthony Van Dyck year. A special pair of earrings was made which have been among the selected jewels. Together with the other selected jewels it was shown at a number of international exhibitions and fairs. The diamonds of my earrings, 7.42 ct in total, have been graciously been sponsored by Backes and Strauss. (Antwerp Osterriethhuis Artesia Bank 15-16 May, 22-23 May) (Antwerp Provinciaal Diamant museum 5 June- 29 August ... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Belgium Birthyear: 30/06/1971 Media: other, Jewellery Style: abstract Subjects: geometric shapes
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