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Claudio ParentelaBiography: I'm an illutrator and cartoonist and I'm very active in the international underground scene.I collaborate with many zines and magazines of art and comics around the world,like:Stripburger,Untergrundblatte,Evasion,Chance,Unwound,The White Buffalo Gazzette,The Cherotic Revolutionary,Phony Lid Pubblications,The Benway Institute,Mani Art,Art Life,Que Suerte,Kastello,Kabezabajo,Fagorgo,Kerosene,Germinal,Sunburn,Topaz,Helter Skelter,Climax,Krimson Leer,The Lummox Journal,The Brown Bottle...and many other again.I've pubblished for various pubblishers some booklets of comics and illustratios:''The Halved Nightmare'',''The Slavering Rat'',''The Book of Secrets'',''Black Kisses and other Stories'',''Story'', ''Il Bombarolo'',''Jeanne Dark you got Balls'',''The Frogs'Ballet''.The last year I was guest of the BREAK 21 Festival in Ljubljana-Slovenja.I've illustratd poems of:Mark Sonnenfeld,Michael Kriesel,Lisa Massei,Vittorio Baccelli,Robert Smith,Gavin Burrows,Gary Sneyd,Shannon Colebank.I collaborate with many punk,industrial,metal bands.I love mail art,and I partecipate to all the mail art projects that I know.My art is chaotic,smiling,sad,hallucinated,clear,dark Country: ITALY Birthyear: 1962 Galleries: Many galleries on the web,all the galleries around the world that expose the mail art artworks Awards: For 3 consecutive years I've ben rewarded to the BREAK 21 Festival Media: drawing Style: visionary Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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