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DIANE LANEBiography: Hi ! my name is Diane Lane I am 34 years old .I was born in Oldham and have lived here all my life.I have a natural ability to paint and draw and have been able to paint well since being a small child. After gaining 'A'Level art I completed a course in 'Graphic Design'and Illustration at Oldham college,I later went on to obtain my HND in illustration at Cleveland College of Art. I can turn my hand to any style required of me.My favourite medium is to use dip pen and inks also watercolour .I prefer to paint in a very detailed style and my work is very realistic looking,although I also have many examples of 'loose'sketches which I also enjoy to do. I recently displayed some of my work in Oldham Art gallery and I was lucky enough to be picked out from the 300 displaying artists to show my work in the local newspaper. I love to paint romantic scenes ,beautiful vibrant fields filled with sunflowers (Tuscany comes to mind) I also enjoy to paint from my imagination ,I recently painted an Old gypsy woman ,this is a piece which was exhibited. Country: UNITED KINGDOM Birthyear: 1970 Galleries: Oldham Art gallery Media: other, Dip pen and Inks Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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