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Dale HoustmanBiography: My name is Dale Houstman. I am from the United States of America. I am a Dirigible Construct/Shrillist Artist. I do work under beautful mediums also. I create works to express my intent to transport timed spices. I have mulch and condensation on my work and I want my work to stand up and get a job. I want to be analyzed and carbonized for the sake of the future. I believe that the current (now) time that we live in right now (currently) is in a TRANSPOSITONALIZED PHASE-SHIFT (with red buttons and blue piping) from MOLAR TO INCISOR UR-ERSATZ-TECHNOLOGIES. I was born in August, and died almost immediately, and I have such a love for art that I want to teach the world to live in perfect harmony, using only the skin of a tapir and four or five milking machines I have adopted. When you look at one of my works, you are looking at an object which refuses to be looked at. My heart (and several ounces of my liver) will always be with the Shrillists, yet I also (too) have a wet passion for NEWT MEDIA too (also). The advent of the Internet is still adventing to it's (it is) infancy stage (still also adventing too) and HUMIDITY as (has/ass) yet (too/also) to see what it has to utter when it comes to DIRIGIBLE ART. I ask of other artists (other/also/too) and the world (yet/still/once) to embrace an collateral protruberance which I call VISCERAL TRANSRESISTIONAL PHLOX. Basically,it is a method of MECHANICAL KISSING that was meant (also/too/since) to serve humanity ("it's a cookbook!") and not control it, but I will settle for the latter. Country: USA Birthyear: 1950 Country: USA Birthyear: 1950 Galleries: The Green Nun Habituary, The Backdoor Scaramouche Hanging Space, Uncle Retina's LookSee Pit Awards: For Love Of Money Notoriety Spatual, Entrophy Tearduct Statuette, and Mellow Tone Gas Release Glove Holder Media: other, banana oil on rubber, baleen on rice paper, neurosis manifestations in a closed room Style: other, Supra-Quipi-Istic Legubriationalism Subjects: other, the vegetal anima halo found in the eyes of the Horla, the girl next door and her unconscious dog, Fred.
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