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DANE WILLERSBiography: Born on 26 February 1949 in Heidelberg, South Africa, the Artist attended various art schools in South Africa and developed his very particular style once he felt that formal art is too limiting, restrictive and does not allow for his very expressive nature. His very first Oil Painting was aquired by a lawfirm in the Cape in 1968 and was sold for the equivalent of US$ 10.00 at the time. Since then he has done in excess of 1000 works that have found their way to all corners of the globe. He re-located to Botswana in 1983 where he became renowned for his depiction of the unique Botswana landscape, Wildlife, rural scenes and activities. He has over the past 40 years done numerous commissionings for corporations as well as private individuals, has supplied works to - amongst others - the following: The previous President of Botswana - 1988 to 1998 Debswana Diamond Company( De Beers, Botswana) Teemane Diamond Manufacturing Corporation Standard Chartered Bank Barclays African Bank Corporation LBB (German Engineering Co.) Serowe Council Charlton Electrical Engineering Botswana Telecoms Chief Justice M. Gaborone Ministry of Health, Botswana President of Barkino Faso - 1997 De Beers Morupule Colliery (Anglo American) President of Botswana - 1998 -2008 In addition, numerous works have bee aquired by companies and private individuals and are in collections in Denmark,Germany,Wales,USA, Switzerland, Namibia,RSA,Botswana,Holland,France,Italy and many more. He has done 8 Commissions in 2007 for private collectors. His studio is in the Serowe Art Gallery, which he built as a community asset for the Boiteko Trust and is situated in Serowe, which was once the capitol of Botswana and still is the venue of cultural and historic reference. It is situated in the Central District and is directly adjacent to the main rout to the Okavango Delta, Chobe and the North. The Gallery is also used as a venue for upcoming young artists to promote and display their work. Much of the Artist's time is dedicated to the assistance of the youth with art classes, materials, guidance and mentoring - not only artistically but also on the wonders of life and creation. Dane has an intimate knowledge of the African bush, Wildlife, Culture and Lifestyle and captures the very essence of Creation in such a manner that it truly celebrates the beauty of creation. The Artist's motto: "He who cannot see Beauty in the Things around him, has no beauty in his Soul"... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: BOTSWANA Birthyear: 1949 Galleries: S.A. ARTISTS. SEROWE ART GALLERY MONTE CASINO GALLERY Various private exhibitions Media: oil, Oil on Canvas Style: realistic, Abstract, Visionary Subjects: animals and wildlife, Landscapes, Nature, Still life, Impressionistic
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