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Danuta KrajewskaBiography: Danuta Krajewska was born on 16th May 1965 in Dolistowo, Podlasie. In 1985 she graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Suprasl and moved to Olsztyn. In 2005 she began to study arts at the Faculty of Arts Education of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Her main areas of professional interest are oil and acrylic painting, collage and, occasionally, graphic art. She claims that her professional career truly began in 1995, when her first paintings appeared in art galleries in Olsztyn. The year 1999 is another turning point in her career, which began to develop more rapidly and she became involved in artistic life in Olsztyn. In 1999 she joined a new artistic formation called the OKO Group. At the same time she held her first individual exhibition at the Bakalarz Gallery. Her later exhibitions, artistic and stage performances as well as workshops and plein airs have attracted her attention to work with children and young people. Country: Poland Birthyear: 16.05.1965 Galleries: 1999 the first individual exhibition , the Bakałarz Gallery, Olsztyn - first collective exhibition of the OKO Group , the MOK, Olsztyn; 2000 collective exhibition of the OKO Group: Seven views of a landscape - a painting exhibition of the OKO Group the Aquarius Club, Olsztyn; 2003 a series of eight exhibitions as part of the project "proGram 2003" in Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Kazimierz Dolny, Krakow, Olsztyn, Paryż (the Tristian Bernard Gallery) - a merit of distinction in the competition, New Art from Old Art, the Art Deco Gallery in Olsztyn - an exhibition, The Little Salon of the Refused, the Rynek Gallery in Olsztyn - a collective exhibition to celebrate the 650th anniversary of Olsztyn, the BWA Gallery in Olsztyn; 2004 a merit of distinction 'Olsztyn Less Known' the Art Deco Gallery in Olsztyn 2005 a series of collective exhibitions 'Colour in a Prysm' ('red colour', 'green colour', 'yellow colour', 'blue colour', 'white colour'), the Pryzmat Club in Olsztyn; 2007 an individual exhibition, the Beczka Pub, Olsztyn - a collective exhibition of the ZPAMiG, Stara Kordegarda, Warszawa; 2007 an individual exhibition 'Portrait of Unknown People', the Old Town Hall in Olsztyn - an individual exhibition 'Catch the Moment', Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn. Awards: 2004 a merit of distinction 'Olsztyn Less Known', the Art Deco Gallery in Olsztyn; 2003 - a merit of distinction in the competition 'New Art from Old Art', the Art Deco Gallery in Olsztyn Media: oil, and acrylic, drawing, mixed media, computer graphic Style: impressionistic, and realistic, coloristic, expressionistic, abstract Subjects: people, portraits and characters, and landscapes, nature, light and color
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