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Darrell BlackBiography: Biography DARRELL U. BLACK (b. 1964) Baumert Strasse 77 60386 Frankfurt, Germany Born March 25,1964 Brooklyn NEW YORK, My name is Darrell Black, an American visual artist living in Frankfurt, Germany. I work in a variety of formats that include Paintings on canvas,wood and wall hanging sculpture called definism. My images portray various differences in human nature,from life's everyday dramas to humankind's quest to under-standing self. The artworks transport viewers from the doldrums of their daily reality,to a visual interpretation of another reality. Country: Germany Birthyear: 1964 Galleries: Group Exhibitions: 1997: Works on paper, USO, Frankfurt / Main 1998: Definism Art, Boesenplatz, Frankfurt / Main 1999: Views from Abroad, Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt / Main 2000: Zeppelin Airships, Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt / Main 2004: Olympic Thought, Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt / Main 2005: Postcard Art Show, Brampton Artway, Canada Masters of Mystery, International University, Florida 2006: 400 Years of Don Quixote, International School of Logrono, Spain Art and Design, Galeri Seni Mara University, Malaysia Woman's Desire and Passion, Room with a view, Shanghai Psychedelic, Consulate of Culture Society, Greece Clarity - Obscurity, The Cultural Center L'atrium, France The Art of Translation, The Center for Translation Studies, Dallas, TX Windows and Doors, Sisters on Sojourn, California Stopped Optional, Associazione Culturale Milano, Italy My favourite artist, Corrine Woodman Gallery, Corvallis, OR Dream City, The Consulate of Culture Society, Greece By the river, Kulturhaus Pusdorf, Germany IRAQ WAR, Seven Stories Institute, New Jersey Death Penalty Art Show, Texas Moratorium Network, Texas Breast Cancer Art Show, Foothill College, Los Altos, CA Beer - Cerveza, Puebla Art Expo, Mexico Shadows in Fairytales, Visac Art Center, Canada Christian Art Festival, Gracies Cafe Art Gallery, Des Moines, WS Portraits, Bahariye Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey Wealth and Poverty, Creativa International, Italy World Peace Art Show, World Peace Forum, Vancouver, Canada God is a Tree- not A.T.V. , Raz Art, Australia Festivache 2006, Musee de vervins, France In the course of water, Service Culturel de la Ville Argentan Unitarian Congregation of Princeton, New Jersey Gates Art Project, ARC Gallery, Chicago Gates Art Project, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco Why Project, Musa Heritage Gallery, Cameroon Symbols of your own, Kunstler haus 19, Berlin Contemporary Art, Itami City Museum of Art, Japan Science Visualization Challenge, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA, City Gallery East, Atlanta,GA 2007/2008/2009: Immigration, Art Vitam Gallery, Miami Beach, FL The Bicycle, Galleria d'arte Atrebates Dozza, Province, I Like bike, Centro Commerciale Centrolame, Bologna, Italy, Recollection from 1987 to 2007, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest World of jazz, Convocatoria El mundo del Jazz, Spain, ATTAC-Minden (Move against G8), Art For Life, Yoshar-Ola Museum of fine arts (Sputnik), Gemarimba Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, C'Art Gallery Red and Green Huddersfield Art Gallery, England, Contemporaneo Versiliese, Palazzo Paolina Viareggio, Italy, The Drawing Center, New York NY, International Art Biennale, Elassona, Greece, Sao Paulo Art Center, Sao Paulo, Brasil, Project Medusa, Emergence Project, Art 101 gallery, Sticker universe, New York, CAMERAderie, Photoportraits Gallery Manchester, UK, Architecture and Interior design, Picasso Gallery and Modesto Art Museum, Modesto CA, Jukeboxes and Rock-and-Roll, Florean Museum Hall, Romania, Municipal Art gallery of Neas Ionias in Volos, Museum G.I. Katsigra - Larissa, Postcard Art Connection Smithsonian National Postal Museum, The Utopian Library, BAU Cultural Association, Embassy of Venice - THE REPUBLIC OF ARTISTS, Spazio Arte Contemporanea Sperimentale, Wignall Museum, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Penticton Art Gallery, Havana Gallery, The National Gallery of Writing, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, The A.S.Popov Central Museum of Communications Awards: Artwork Auctions: 2000: Pen & Ink Drawing, Icross, Ireland / 1200 Pds 2003: Pen & Ink Drawing, S.U.F.K.S., Boston / 1000 USD 2006: Pen & Ink Drawing, Flux Factory, New York Pen & Ink Drawing, Association of Social Workers, Halifax Nova Scotia Pen & Ink Drawing, American Phytopathological Society, USA Pen & Ink Drawing, IGIVEUP, USA Glue / Acrylic on wood, WVPT Studios, USA, West Vallery Art Museum AZ, WKAR-TV Auction USA, River Gallery School Art Auction Vermont, Art for life Auction, WPBS-TV Auction Artworks in permanent collection: The Invasion, Zeppelin Museum, Frankfurt / Main Various works of art, Private Collections, Worldwide Art Consultant, Corporate Artworks, Schaumburg / USA Our Police / Prevent Crime, Police History Museum, Berlin / Germany The Berlin Mail Artist Lexicon, Kunstbibliothek der staatlichen, Berlin / Germany The Berlin Mail Artist Lexicon, Museen zu Berlin, Berlin / Germany, archives of the Lviv Museum Art Collection, archives of the Marcelland International Art Collection, Florean Museum Art Collection, Modesto Museum Art Collection, Carmelite Monastery Quidenham, Norfolk UK, Artist Literature: Askart 2003 The Artist Blue Book Lonnie Dunbier Dreams Alive Spring Magazine Edition 2004 Green Dove Spring Magazine Edition 2005 CSA Press SAM Cristian Aluas NY ARTS Summer Magazine Edition 2006, Ash'e Art Book edition 2007, Irr flug nach Las Piedras, Publisher Edition Signatnur, International Fine Arts Journal,, Die Brücke über den dunklen Strom: Erzählungen (Taschenbuch) von John D. Wolfringer (Autor) Cover Design, Darrell U. Black, Die Nische Anthology DROMOS Publishing, tü Media: acrylic, acrylic on wood Style: abstract, definism art, Fantasy art
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