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Darrell Youker aka WindwalkerBiography: My name is Darrell Youker aka WINDWALKER. Windwalker is my creative alter-persona/spiritual name. I am a self taught and studied artist and my interest in art originated as a child watching the wondrous imagination, found in the animation of Walt Disney. I pursued my interests in art, along with other creative outlets on and off throughout my life. It wasn’t until 1999 and the approaching new millennium, that I began to concentrate on artistically creating as my purpose in life. Early childhood experiences, dreams and a memory of an existence between lives, has led me to explore universal mysteries, inner worlds, various religions and esoteric teachings. Life’s experiences, an inner awareness and an inquisitive mind drives me to create and influences my artistic focus. There is no limitation on imagination. Whenever I have an idea, I have to use my creative energies to bring it into manifestation, whether I am capable of it or not. My success rate has been high and exhilarating. I am stimulated by the risk to experiment with different mediums and techniques, always searching to discover a new frontier in art. As a result of this I have created a process, technique and method to best satisfy my creative vision and express my inner Awareness / Consciousness. I call it: Abstract Consciousness In Development or A.C.I.D. for short. Art for the New Millennium The realization of developing the process began in the spring of 2002. It is an experiment & experience in progress. This bleeding edge, singular art has gone through many stages of research & development and continues to evolve with every new work I accomplish. I remain committed to constantly experiment with technique, technology and method in this long term objective. The primary medium is acrylic paint although, I occasionally experiment with other paint types. The majority of the work is on Glass, but Acrylic, Canvas and Matte Board are also employed, as their use in the evolution was crucial in refining the Tao. Painting on glass is not a new art form. I have reinvented it, thus creating an exclusively new form of art that is multi-dimensional using a 2-dimensional medium and physics. "ART That Stands Apart". Paintings is the term usually used, but they are more of a mindscape for the observer. I am projecting my mental vision onto the glass and in an abstract sense, creating a portal into another dimension. I prefer the use of bright electric colors because... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: United States Media: mixed media Style: symbolic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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