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David BakerBiography: "The soul never thinks without an image" Aristotle, De Anima, 431a16 I am an artist, fine art photographer and poet, from London, now working from the Derbyshire Dales, UK. My limited-edition digital fine art prints are in private collections in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, Iceland, Sweden, Japan, Argentina and Australia, and also on display in the Social Studies Faculty of Warwick University. Those interested to do so can browse through hundreds of my works on line at my Yessy Galleries either by clicking on the 'Studios of David Baker' button below, or by pasting into your web browser. My works are created from underpaintings executed in traditional mediums (watercolours, acrylics or inks) or from my photographs, all reworked digitally. There are three essential impulses behind my work. A love of strong colours and forms and an interest in colour theory. A fascination with crossovers between abstraction and representational art. And finally a belief in painting as an act of the mind - leading to the painting of ideas and not simply things 'out there'. The work shown Family: Janic Portrait #9' is an acryic reworked digitally. I use such techniques because they allow me to experiment and develop complex and fresh images which combine the best of traditional with digital methods. In particular, more subtle and complex colours and forms are achieved through my unique methods. Country: United Kingdom Birthyear: 29/06/50 Galleries: I do not exhibit in galleries as I have combined my art with a busy career as a political scientist at Warwick university and therefore the virtual world is my chosen format for both displaying and seling my works globally. I also believe that this is the way of the future for art and culture. Media: computer or digital art Style: other, Realistic, Surreal, Cubist, Expressionistic, Abstract, Impressionistic, Fauvist, etc Subjects: other, Human Forms, Portraits, Abstracts, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Animals, Still Life, Architecture, Erotic Art, Photography etc.
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