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David Drew LongeyBiography: Early in my career as a human, I was known for my monsters. My art poured out like the dry-ice fog from the mad scientist's beaker. I was exposed to Bosch, Peter Max, Stanley Kubrick, Art Klokey, Mad Magazine, etc., and responded with cartoons, spaceships, and super-8 films; And within the last ten years cyberart, digital video, banjo playing, and website authoring. Surrealism has met science, and the outcome... is simultaneously more mysteriously inexorable and flawlessly logical than either the dream, or the calculation, can produce alone. Here's the map; the areas with monsters are left for you to chart... Country: USA Birthyear: 1962 Galleries: Online, in the surrealist webrings, also at, and in the 3D world at various locals in the pioneer valley and Boston. In your dreams, visit my huge one-man gallery at the bottom of the weird little road that is swept by the goat-faced woman. Awards: Since the age of 6, has consistently taken the very obscure "Nobel Prize for odd developments in the field of Surreali-scientific logic-nonsense boundary mapping." Media: mixed media Style: surrealistic Subjects: other, dreams and mental constructs
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