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Deon du ToitBiography: My sculptures are created from rock and tree cuttings that I collect at excavation sites along the west coast of South Africa that ranges from Blouberg Strand to Saldanha across to the Richters Veld bordering South West Africa. All of the material that I collect are were the earth’s energies are disturbed and I try to give back of what are being lost to make way for the ever-changing landscape where all earths living creatures are fighting for a piece on earth and a place to live. I capture an image and sense of the surroundings in my head and after numerous hours, sometimes-even days can go by before I start to work on a sculpture. Once I start it is very difficult to stop. The image of the surroundings and my visualization and interpretation of these images are brought through the brain ways to my hands. The sculpture comes to life as soon as the first cut is made and I feel alive and one with the sculpture. Over the past 6 years my studies have given me an in-depth look at life, lines, structure, shape, texture, taste and color that transgressed into my own style of sculpture and painting. Having not yet completed any formal art training at an academy, I feel that my life and self-study experiences with artists aids at a hands on experience. Personal artist studies include: Paul du Toit Alistair Barnes Robert Slingsby. Other book and web studies include Michelangelo Buonarotti, Henry Moore, Augusto Rodin to name a few. My inspirations are from the works of Michelangelo, Paul and Robert as well as Celtic art and life itself. Country: South Africa Birthyear: 1968 Galleries: Home Gallery Awards: None Yet Media: sculpture Style: abstract Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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