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Dougi McMillanBiography: My Artworks cross a line into a imaginary zone where the work is not so much the reality of its time- it is the reality of a time. The characters and situations that punctuate our live ultimately reveal more and more information about ourselves, to ourselves. To reconsider our own personal memories we must relate to the space and imagery, imaginatively embody the place or moment in which these memories were created. Inevitably they came from a moment, a memory, which is itself an embodiment of, or a receptacle for ourselves, raising questions of duality, and self identity. I am trying to work with ideas of transience, that can be communicated on the basis that we use mass culture information stored in our memory to interpret our own position in the present. Intervention by friends and colleagues play a key role in the realization of my work. Allowing others to have input in my work reflects the desire to chaperone chance and circumstance. Photographs have soul, they absorb and retain energy, they have their own history and memories. The surfer image echoes and shadows a different time or place. Each time I approach this image, its colour and mood varies. The intensity differs while the same motif evolves revealing a window of that moment. The imagery of swimmers and surfers in the work and research questions the attraction sea and water have to humans. The junket of water, is much like a river and a metaphor for a trip through time, through our life. This raises questions with self-position; the space surrounding the individual, circumstances and chance. It would seem chance is the unpredictable element that shapes our existence in the first place. What is becoming apparent through my research and within my practice is my interest in this journey. Dougi McMillan - 27th April, 2002.....11.35p.m. The title Narcissus Narcosis frames new work by Scottish artist Douglas McMillan and signifies the artist’s marked interest in the universal nature of human existence. Narcissus, the handsome young man who, according to Greek legend, was punished and made to fall in love with his mirror image on the water surface. He became totally consumed by this insatiable love and moved into a state of stupor, insensible or unconscious of what happened around him. Douglas McMillan, who trained as an artist to MFA level at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, concerns himself with the workings of human memory as the key to evolving and... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: scotland Birthyear: 1958 Galleries: Recent Exhibitions: January, 2001 ‘ Rhythm, Action, Edit ’ - The Global Multi-Media Interface, Leicester Sq, London. Performance Work displayed on The GMI 65m video wall. Video installation with a live Internet web cast. December, 2000 ‘ MFulfill ‘ V.R.C. - Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, Dundee. Box Construction Works within a group exhibition. December, 2000 ‘ Rhythm, Action, Edit ’ - Dundee University. Performance to video - installation. September, 2000 ‘ Contemporary Printmakers ‘ - Manhattan Graphics Centre, N.Y.C. USA. Screenprint works. June, 2000 ‘ Prompt ‘ - Dundee University. Collaboration with Irish artist Aiofe Holohan - Text Based Installation. April, 2000 ‘ Interprint 2000 ‘ - Maastricht, The Netherlands. Screenprint works. March, 2000 ‘ Annual Exhibition ‘ - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. Framed Collage Works. October, 1999 ‘ If Only Colin Stein Was Here ‘ - Hoy, Orkney Islands. Performance within the landscape. October, 1999 ‘ Lightning Never Strikes ’ - Ring Of Brodgar, Orkney Islands. Performance within the landscape. Awards: Awards: Duncan Of Jordanstone, Post - Graduate Scholarship. John C. Low Travel Scholarship. William A. Mathew Travel Scholarship. L’Oreal Gold Fashion Photographic Award. SLR. Photographer of the Year. Edinburgh International Poetry Festival Honour Awards (6) Media: performance Style: photo-realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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