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DurgaBiography: Durga, an Indonesian artist who currently lives in Los Angeles. Born and raised with thick indegenous cultures, customs and traditions in different islands and places in the 13.000 islands of Indonesia archipelago. BFA at the Faculty of Visual Arts - Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Pen, ink, acrylic on paper or canvas is my weapon of choice. Computer is just a tool to produce some graphics to add my specialities in traditional media. Even in installation art the elements of drawing and painting skills are quite dominant. His style of art is influenced by the folklore, legends, myths and epics from his native land. Combined with provocative and disturbing elements of the dark arts and the grostesque, his artwork recalls and celebrates the ancient tribal cultures of Indonesia. Country: United States Birthyear: 1972 Galleries: Several art exhibitions in Indonesia, Germany and California. Media: drawing Style: mystical Subjects: other, Dark Folklore Art
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