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E..Angelina."Gloryan" DellnerBiography: The artist was born in 1966.She been grow up with high culture and art.Gloryan been painting and drawing since she was 13 years old.She been exhibit her art works in many gallerys around the world.Gloryans artwork are of a highest quality with a very special style.They are sensuous and mysterious with an enigmatic deep.Something old lives in her art,like a shadow of the past.It`s reminding us our old culture and civilization. Original handsigned lithographys for sell from Gloryans Golden Art Gallery in different sizes and prizes. Please feel free and take a look at the artist`s own web site at; Welcome to Gloryans world.The world of beauty,spirit and inspiration. If you have any question please e-mail at; Country: Norway Birthyear: 1966 Media: oil Style: symbolic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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