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Edith SmithBiography: My husband and I are both artists and live in West Los Angeles, California. I taught school for about 8 years after college, and then began doing street shows with my watercolors. I had a long romance with watercolors. At the end of it I returned to school and became an archaeological illustrator and got a job working at the Olmac site in La Venta, Mexico. I began using acrylics and painting the Ancient Mayan Walls during the years I was illustrating in Mexico. Most of the year 2000 I spent traveling in Asia and India. The experiences I had there are emerging in my current work. Country: USA Birthyear: 1936 Galleries: Rituals Gallery, Tops Gallery Awards: 12 First prize awards, Beverly Hills Affair in the Garden, 4 First prize awards, Westwood Chamber of Commerce Shows First prize, Malibu Chamber of Commerce Best of Show, Indio Date Festival Media: acrylic Style: spiritual Subjects: light and color
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