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Ellen de GrootBiography: The depiction of women is the most important theme in my work. Furthermore the painting of tissue and the qualtity of cloth-materials is of considerable importance. After a foundation course in Art and drawing followed with a fashion-design course, I discovered around my 25th year 'the wonderfull world of oil-paint'. Almost my whole life I had been drawing, but oil paint was a straightforward revelation. 'Love at first sight'. This painting is my very first self-portrait. After a difficult time in my life, still undamaged, portrayed as a bride. Oil on panel, as all my paintings. 'Selfportrait Bride', 97x63cm, 2002 Country: Netherlands Birthyear: 1959 Galleries: Pan, Amsterdam, Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam ING Collection, Frisia Museum, Media: oil Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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