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FioravantiBiography: FIORAVANTI was born 1963 in Germany. FIORAVANTI is a multimedial artist.He works as an artist since 1985.After he worked with a well known austrian painter, he competely changed his art. Now Fioravanti is known for his provokative and direct art.FIORAVANTI loves to show situations and moments how they really happen.In his works he shows the esthetics of the moment, the way he sees it. He says about it......... " A viewer who looks at my work in a 100 years, he will recognice the situation as it is to day." FOR ME ART IS A HARMONY BETWEEN COMMUNICATION AND ESTHETICS Country: Germany Birthyear: 23.09.63 Galleries: exhibitions in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Rome,LA,Toronto Awards: Premio Arte Reatino 2005 Media: mixed media, Oil, Acryl, photography Style: other Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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