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Friedrich ERIKSDUNBiography: PRESS ARTS, NEW YORK Eriksdun: with a flamboyant technique of carefully applied swatches in bright colors, this German painter renders cities, figures and horses with very similar dynamics, ...and occasionally interesting forms. Dalias Times Herold, Dalias/Texas Eriksdun, the German expressionist, has a solo showing. His most winning works own a Medieval gorgeousness and naivety, with storybook towers and bridges, often menaced by violent skies, or unfriendly fauna and a general quality of fierce colors and exploding forms. BIOGRAPHY 1904 Heinrich Friedrich Kröger was born Heinrich Kröger was born on March 28, 1904 in Niederbecksen (Bad Oeynhausen) Westphalia; He visited primary school and high school in Bad Oeyenhausen and Bielefeld; He studied law in Göttingen und Berlin 1933 university degree He started to paint and assumed the stage name "Eriksdun"; Exhibitions with the National Gallery and the Prussian Academy of Art in Berlin, Awarding of the Rome Prize. He lived one year in Rome and studied at the German Academy Rome. 1934 Exhibition in Berlin The only exhibition in the Third Reich in Berlin without permission of the Reichskulturkammer; He had to flee. Exhibitions in Alexandria, Cairo and Jerusalem (1935) 1944 He lived at the Chiemsee in Bavaria 1947-1981 Exhibitions 1952-1957 He stayed in the USA 1958 Return to Germany 1981 Last exhibition in Baden-Baden 1982 The painter Eriksdun died in Troisdorf Country: Germany Birthyear: 1902 Galleries: BERLIN 1934 Deutsche Künstlerkameradschaft ST. MORITZ 1952 Züricher Künstlergemeinschaft "Réveil" ZÜRICH 1953 Galerie Neupert LONDON 1954 Roland Browse & Delbance "Parallels in Modern Painting", together with works of Jawlensky, Sutton, Leger, chagall, Heckel, Matisse, Modigliani NEW YORK 1958 Hirschl & Adler Galleries Inc. HASSELT 1960 Provincial Begijnhof - German expressionism, together with works of Max Beckmann, Otto Dix, Erich Heckel, Alexej Jawlensky, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, August Macke, Otto Müller, Emil Nolde MINDEN 1974 Kunstverein BADEN BADEN 1975 Brenners Park Hotel & Merkur Galerie BONN 1975 Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft BADEN BADEN 1981 Brenners Park Hotel & Merkur Galerie FLENSBURG - MÜRWIK 1992 Marineschule Gedächtnisausstellung 1904-1982 Awards: Rome Price Media: oil Style: expressionistic Subjects: other
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