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GIACOBBE LUIGIBiography: Luigi GIACOBBE, was born in Gioia Tauro (Italy) on 02-02-1962, he completed his art studies in Roma and in Paris, his work was shown to the public in the early 80’s where he successfully gains the attention of various Roman Art exponents, and subsequently participates as a guest, in the art exhibit “100 Painters of via Margutta”. In during the 80’s (1983), “THE ART OF IMAGINATION” was born, an endless quest for the human capability of expression, as described by the artist. In 1989, he began a long journey abroad, he moved to Paris, joining many art show (Grand Palais) where his works are part of permanent exhibits in various galleries around the French capital. In 1994, he landed in Japan from Paris, undoubtedly his works begin to show signs and influences of a great Asian culture, colors strongly participate in the birth of few but detailed graphic works, here figurative arts seem to prevail, in reality colors with their infinite variations, still tell the time. Precisely at Tokyo, the artist presents to the public a series of sculptures, triptychs made of Plexiglas, representing 85 cm tall columns, with electronic fragments inside in solid color; his sojourn in Japan lasted until 1999 where the MITSUBISHI BANK, in honor of the artist, exhibited his works in one of the biggest commercial display windows in the world, Tokyo’s GINZADORI. 2000 in the year of Russia, here his stay was characterized by a profound interest towards Soviet Art (Soviet Realism) that brought him to build a vast private collection of works done by painters who lived in the transitional period between the Soviet Union and current Russia, three years spent researching, which gifted the artist with a wealth of unforgettable emotions, the situation of Soviet painting, the realism of Art lived thoroughly as described by often unknown masters. GIACOBBE, who in 2003 went to Seoul, South Korea, rediscovers the material connection with timeless Art, with reality; the artist here developed with vigor numerous works of great dimensions that engaged three forces: graphics – painting – sculpture, works of great visual impact, where the artistic evolution in the perception of IMAGINATION is shown clearly, his paintings deliberately enclose these three forces, as willed by the artist, to prove the freedom that more often than not belongs to art alone. Luigi Giacobbe resides now in Manila, Philippines since 2008 EXHIBITION 1984 Natale oggi sezione Arte, fiera di Rom... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: ITALY Birthyear: 1962 Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: other, "overlooking"
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