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Georges LibbrechtBiography: Artist statement Georges Libbrecht’s etchings, drawings and paintings are based on two elementary principles. First: the intuition (the colour), and second: the reason (the line, the construction). Georges’s art refers to the search of man for his place in the universe. It’s a process of balancing, to find harmony, trying to live at peace with the world around him that is in motion. The artist etches, draws and paints a poetic process that has a vague beginning and an unknown ending. It’s a continuous narrative, seized in cycles. The artist is very aware of his short presence in this infinite time and space. The artist tries to understand his presence in space and time, and intents to find coherence in the ‘world of things that happen’. It’s a lifelong search for answers. The aim is gaining insight in the greater as well as the smaller elements. The artist calls them the macro and micro cosmos. Through his search for knowledge and insight he encounters the doubt, symbolised mainly by the artwork titled: “Nada es verdao, nada es mentira, todo depende del coral del cristal con que se mira.” (Nothing is true, nothing is a lie, everything depends on the choir of the glass with which you are looking) The artist realises that he is fluctuating between this macro and micro cosmos. Georges Libbrecht uses a wide spectrum to look at the world. Above all, he is a painter, but he looks at things with the curiosity of an explorer and the scientific precision of a meteorologist, a hydrographer, a chemist. He likes to observe insects and animals of all sizes. But also astronomy fascinates him. The Renaissance man in the artist wants to absorb all he can. Though he realises that man has lost his central position in universe, he still plays an important role. He is connected to everything around him. In his paintings, the colour is the feeling, the emotion. The line, the construction is the contemplative process. This duality (symbolised in the crosses series) appears as two antipodes: the vertical and horizontal axis’s of the cross, meeting in the centre, reaching harmony (e.g. China travels) Painting is a creative process, an experiment that is captured in acrylic paint, oils and all kind of resins. It’s like alchemy, finding its origin in the old art of Flemish painters like Van Eyck and Breughel. Biography Born 01.10.1931 in Flanders (Belgium), in the small village of Steenokkerzee... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Belgium Birthyear: 1931 Galleries: Artist's galleries representations P.Art Gallery - Ghent (BE) Luc De Backer Gallery - Antwerp (BE) Iris Gallery - Werchter (BE) - Vermeulen Art Gallery Loosdrecht (NL) - Awards: Awards 2002 Libramont (BE) - 1 th Price fine art painting at the 15 th International art show (Salon de l’Art International) 200I Beveren-Waas (BE) - selection price fine art painting - price ‘Piet Staut‘ 1999 Kapellen (BE) - Price ‘Verba 2000’ selection 1993 Tervuren (BE) - selection fine art painting ‘Furament’ 1992 Kortenberg (BE) 1th Price drawing 1990 Westerlo (BE) selection price fine art - ‘Westerlo’ 1990 Kortenberg (BE) 1th Price drawing 1989 Meise/Wolvertem (BE) selection Price ‘M.Naessens’ 1986 Kortenberg (BE) 1th Price drawing Media: oil Style: other Subjects: other
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